The title of this post was the question behind the Community Plan, the guiding document for Alston Moor Partnership (AMP).  To devise the most recent version, completed in early 2019, many groups and individuals were consulted, and their views are all represented in the Plan.  It was Alston Moor’s realistic wish list, and, like the previous versions, it has been of value not only for AMP but for several other groups applying for grant funding as they could show evidence of community support for their project. It also spurred some ideas for groups to implement. We knew that things would change (that’s life!) and a review was intended for 2021, to update the Plan and keep it relevant. But then Covid happened, which changed things far more drastically than anyone could have expected, and also made it impossible to hold discussion meetings to inform revision.

We’re very keen indeed to re-energise the Plan. With a new/revised Plan which reflects the needs of Alston Moor in 2023 and into the future, Alston Moor Partnership can devise projects and apply for funding to try to meet those needs, and provide small grants to local groups for projects that fit the Plan. Any Alston Moor-based group or project can use the Plan within their own grant applications.

We need people with a little time, some energy, and a big wish to help our community thrive. These volunteers would be part of a small group undertaking the consultation needed to revise the 2019 Plan.

Some of them, or perhaps some other individuals, might want to stand for election to the AMP Board. We’re a bit depleted just now – it’s been hard to keep the momentum going through the last few years, and some Board members have had to leave for various reasons. So we’re really hoping for new and enthusiastic people – possibly even some people under 50! Please get in touch. Write to us