Alston Moor Partnership are delighted to  announce that we are staging an exhibition in St Augustine’s Church of  ‘Weather Trees’ which Jocelyn Hattersley has been completing over 20 years, numbering 17 in total.

These ‘Weather Trees’ are posters of a tree with 365 leaves on which are coloured in according to the weather that day, They provide a fascinating insight into how the weather has changed ion Alston over this time; a basic, amateur, unbiased record. There are gaps -even Jocelyn has a holiday..and there were a few years when she was unable to source a poster

It would have been wonderful had someone had been doing these in Nenthead, as it would be great to see the difference 5 miles and 500 feet makes!

To compliment these posters there will also be information from Cumbria Wildlife Group, The Woodland Trust, Bumblebee Conservation Association, RSPB, Alston Red Squirrel Group, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Alston Moor Repair Café and Men’s Shed, Alston Wholefoods, CAfS (Cumbria Action for Sustainability), the Cold to Cosy project offering help with insulation and more, Alston Plotters, Grisedale Community Garden, information about ground source heat pumps, underfloor heating etc, and recycling opportunities on Alston Moor.

Also space and post-it notes so that people can jot down their ideas about what we can do in Alston to make a difference. People have said that they would like to see more crocus planted in the grass at Townfoot – crocus are a good early pollinator and all it would take is a few pounds and some willing hands to help and that could easily be achieved. There must be lots of ideas out there about recycling or growing or conserving – all we need are some ideas and some willing bodies to help put ideas into effect. And of course there are local and national groups to join.

The exhibition will be open from 10 am to 4pm every day other than the 25th September when it will be open from 1 - 4 pm following the Sunday service.

There will also be a ‘Give and Take’ Stall outside – a Bring and Buy without an exchange of money! Please feel free to donate small items such as books, soft toys, bric a brac, jigsaws etc. I am sure that if you felt that it absolutely necessary that you need to give something for any item that you took – St Augustine’s Church would welcome any donations, and it is a beautiful space that they are allowing us to use free of charge