This new and exciting venture for the good people of Alston has been quite a while in the making, but at last, thanks to the Town Hall Trustees, we have our starting venue and assistance from the Alston Moor Partnership along with additional grants from the National Lottery and Ikea, Eden District Council and others, has now made this possible.

Along with the running of our ever popular Repair Cafe on Saturday, we'll be discussing our plans for the Community Workshop which includes the Alston Men's Shed, additional Repair Cafe related events and in time a Tool Lending Library with those interested, and of course hope to sign up some members on the day. Loose plans are in place to hold the first Men's Shed on Wednesday's from 2nd March. Restrictions within the lease and the size of the Annexe means that the traditional 'Shed' heavy woodworking and metalworking activities will have to wait for a few months until we can find a nearby satellite venue, but suggested topics for the first phase of the Workshop will include model engineering, joinery and carving, electronics, crafting, photography and many more I'm sure, but ultimately we'll be asking our membership what they'd like to see and go forward from there.

Although the Alston Men's Shed will be exclusivly a Men only environment, the Community Workshop and all other activities will be open to all members with no discrimination, but should there be sufficient demand there will of course be space for a Ladies Only Shed as well.

If you are free, we'd love to see you, so come in for a chat and a coffee and see what we have in store.

We hope to see you on Saturday!