Over the next few months, there will be lots going on not only in AMP but with other organisations and groups, to see how to progress parts of the Plan.  I’m optimistic that, within a couple of years, there will be small and large projects initiated to make a real, tangible, difference to life on Alston Moor.  It’s been a long road, and there were times when I thought I’d never get to the end, but now it’s nearly done.  If you have contributed to any of the consultations – early on or on drafts – I’m very grateful and hope that you will feel your thoughts have been adequately represented.

Once I’ve completed the text, work will begin to add photographs, maps etc and some hard copies will be printed, as well as making it available online.  You might like to make a note of a public meeting that the Alston Moor Partnership will be holding on 8 May at Alston Town Hall, which will act as a ‘launch’ for the Plan as well as providing information about the Partnership and its work as a whole.