A feasibility study is underway into community food growing and the development of a food growing enterprise on Alston Moor. The project is working with consultants from Vista Veg who are based in Crosby Ravensworth who will be sharing their wealth of skills and experience to look at viable options for growing here.
The Alston Moor Community Plan consultations led by Alston Moor Partnership has identified a real desire for and need to support people grow their own fruit and vegetables and we’re looking into covered community growing spaces to make this happen.
Alongside this we are looking at the viability of developing a food growing enterprise with the potential to provide jobs and training which would also be a huge asset here on Alston Moor. The feasibility study will look at how this could have a real impact on the local economy, build knowledge and skills and develop food sovereignty – where local producers can control the mechanisms and policies of food production and distribution. The additional introduction of onsite sustainable energy sources such as biomass or the use of solar PV could provide Alston Moor with a sustainable and financially viable community owned business.
The Greenprint is working in partnership with Alston Moor Community Energy (AMCE) to see what can be achieved.

You can read about the AMP/CAfs Project on the information page or on the CaFS site