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Members of the Alston Moor Partnership are a key part of the AMP community. We want to enable those who live and work locally to be as involved as they choose in the work of AMP. By becoming a member, you can receive e-mails to update you about our ongoing work, planned projects, opportunities to be involved, and also can stand to become a Director on the AMP Board.

We charge a nominal £3 for life membership, and having completed the form, your only obligation is to receive e-mails (you can decide to opt out at any time). Once you are familiar with our work, it would be excellent – but certainly not a requirement! – if you were willing to offer your skills in support of one of our projects or perhaps as a Director.

In recent times, some members have helped with the initial consultation towards the Community Plan, participated in preparing displays, and advised Directors on a range of issues in which they have particular knowledge or expertise. Of course, many members support us simply, and importantly, by receiving and reading our e-mails and talking to others about our work.

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