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Alston Moor Greenprint
Work is underway to create a “Greenprint” for Alston Moor – a shared vision for making it a green and sustainable area, with practical actions and solutions to making it happen which can be linked to green business and tourism marketing, community owned renewable energy, transport, employment and training opportunities, supporting our health services and social care units, education and the challenges of living in the high altitude, windswept, traditional build, hard to heat and insulate stone homes that many of us live in”.

The Greenprint is being led by Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS) thanks to funding from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation. It goes hand in hand with and will form part of the new Community Plan being developed by the Alston Moor Partnership with the aim to embed sustainable policy into future neighbourhood planning.

For more information contact Project Manager Roe Baker
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Previous Green Print Events
Festival: Mon 18th – Sun 24th September 2017
Alston ARK Installation
A full week of events as part of the Alston Moor Greenprint, a three-year project led by CAfS and funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, to create a shared vision for making Alston Moor a green and sustainable area, with practical actions and solutions to make it happen. The Greenprint is part of the new Community Plan being developed by Alston Moor Partnership.

The Alston ARK – community art installation & exhibition

Launch event: Tuesday 19th * 7.30pm * St Augustine’s Church

Do you live on, work on or love Alston Moor? Share what you love most about this special area by adding to an innovative community art installation. Bring along an ‘offering’ that sums up what the area means to you, and it’ll be incorporated into the Alston ARK by local artist Jules Cadie and poet Josephine Dickinson.

It could be a photo, homemade crafts, natural objects, a poem or even music – no special talent is required, just your own creativity and passion for Alston Moor.

The installation is one of the ways that we’re finding out what matters most to people about the area, so that we can protect and strengthen those aspects of life on the Moor through the Greenprint.

For the ARK’s creators, Jules and Josephine, it follows on from the Earthkin events and exhibitions they ran at the time of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21) in 2015 – one of many activities around the world as part of the ArtCop21 response by artists.

Drop off contributions at St Augustine’s Church or one of the Alston schools by 14th September. They should be in an open container, such as a box, a jar or a tray, or on a stand, and should be no larger than 30cm square, labelled with the participant’s name and a brief description about the objects. At the end of the installation residents will be able to collect their entries.

The exhibition also features a selection of works by local artists and a free Word Hoard workshop led by Josephine from noon to 2pm on Tuesday 19th September at the church.

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Bolts, Ginnels and Snickets – What will you spend yours on?

Monday 18th * 7-9pm * Samuel Kings School Main Hall

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If you were in charge of public money for Alston Moor, what would you spend it on? Come along to an interactive evening and try your hand at all the tough decisions that go into the local economy. You’ll also have the challenge of how to generate money for the benefit of Alston Moor, and how to keep money in the area. What can Alston residents do for themselves if the government won’t?

You’ll be given an allocation of freshly-minted Bolts, Ginnels and Snickets – ‘bank notes’ lovingly created by local artist Jules Cadie and poet Josephine Dickinson – and you’ll have to decide what your top priorities will be for how you’ll spend them. Tricky, very tricky!
Like the Alston ARK, the Bolts, Ginnels & Snickets event is one of the ways that Alston Moor residents can share their views on the future development of the area, feeding into the Greenprint and the Community Plan. It’s hosted by CAfS as part of the Alston Moor Greenprint, with input and support from Cumbria County Council, Eden District Council, Alston Moor Parish Council and Alston Moor Partnership.
Did you know…
Bolt, Ginnel and Snicket are all words for ‘short cut’, symbolising actions or short cuts that local community can take to bring about a sustainable local economy.

Eco Architecture
Eco architecture for life and work

Wed 20th * 7-9pm * Alston Town Hall

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Could clever, energy-efficient buildings meet Alston Moor’s need for affordable homes and work spaces?
Join us to explore what it would take for Alston Moor to become an innovative and alternative area for affordable architecture and eco energy-efficient dwellings with adjacent workspace – either as individual households or as a small, collective work-life community. This event is also part of the Cumbria Green Build Festival.
Presentations & discussions by:
Andrew Yeats Eco Arc Architects, certified Passivhaus designer
Andrew has always had an enthusiastic commitment to ecological passive house design and was the project architect for the 41 certified Passivhaus homes at the Lancaster Co-housing project. Andrew particularly enjoys working collaboratively with clients to design beautiful and healthy buildings built to the highest technical and spatial standards.
Stephen Gurney Eden Insulation, Passivhaus construction
Stephen is a specialist in Passivhaus materials and a director at Eden Insulation in Appleby. The firm constructs highly insulated, airtight timber frames for highly energy-efficient homes and other buildings, capable of meeting and even exceeding the exacting Passivhaus standard.
Andy Lloyd
Andy has a wealth of experience to share in community land trusts. These are non-profit organisations that develop and steward affordable housing schemes, community gardens, civic buildings, commercial spaces and other community assets on behalf of a community.
Eden District Council (speaker to be confirmed)
A representative from the council will tell you about community-led housing schemes. There are opportunities following on from the announcement in January 2017 by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) that the council has been awarded £938,640 from the Government’s Community Housing Fund (CHF).
Peter Kempsey, Countryside Consultants
Countryside Consultants, the Alston-based architects and specialists in building conservation and rural projects, will be on hand to support with questions requiring local knowledge.

Garden Organic Master Composting Workshop

Thu 21st * 1-3pm * Grisedale Croft Community Garden

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Garden Organic are thrilled to be launching its nationally recognised volunteer Master Composter programme in Cumbria thanks to funding from Cumbria County Council funding. The Master Composter programme is part of the council’s strategy to reduce the burden of waste from the county, by teaching more people how to compost their own waste at home.
Love Food Hate Waste & Nappuccino workshop

Fri 22nd * 3pm * Alston Primary School Hall

Save money, eat well and waste less with clever tips on meal portion sizes, using leftovers, storing food, understanding date labels on foods. You’ll also learn about using real nappies, with vouchers and examples.
Hosted by Judith Bradshaw, Cumbria County Council’s Waste Prevention Officer
Repair Cafe

Sat 23rd * 10am to 1pm * Alston Town Hall Annex

Residents of Alston Moor and the surrounding area can bring their broken items to fix them on the spot with the help of voluntary repairers. A Guardian article on Repair Cafes has listed the seven easiest things to fix: lamps, laptops and smartphones, hair dryers, kettles, vacuum cleaners, toasters and white goods. Bring your bikes, toys and clothing, too. This is the first time we’ve tried this on Alston Moor – hopefully the first of many!  Managed by Eden Arts and volunteer experts
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