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The Unity Lottery is a fundraising scheme used by communities and organisations nationally to raise funds for their own causes.


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Click above to join our lottery. The link takes you to the Unity Lottery page

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More people play,
More money to give

Alston Moor Partnership has several people, each allocated their own 6 figure lottery number, who are signed up to partake in the lottery for £1 per week. Their numbers are entered into a weekly national draw with a chance of winning up to £25,000. A number of Alston participants have already won one of the smaller prizes.
From the £1 each person contributes each week, 50p goes towards prize money and administration, and the remaining 50p goes to the Partnership.

These funds have now accumulated and a modest amount is ready to be distributed to community groups on Alston Moor. So these funds can be spread as widely as possible, groups are encouraged to apply for small amounts up to a maximum of £300 by completing the form below. The application can be for capital or revenue.


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