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Our Community Plan

A first Community Plan for Alston Moor was written early in the 21st century.

A new version was prepared in 2011, updated in 2012, and will be updated regularly as Alston Moor changes and grows.

It already needs updating!

That is the nature of a community. It changes. Please take a look at areas that interest you. We hope you’ll get involved and want to put some energy into making changes yourself – and then your work can be recorded here for others to see what is changing! But you might not have time or energy right now, so do come back soon to see what we have done and updated.  Please also sign up for our newsletter and think about how could you get involved.
It's your town, your village, your Alston Moor!!

Get involved! Make your voice count! And see what difference you can make.

The purpose of the Community Plan is to ensure that Alston Moor can remain a thriving community for decades to come. There are 12 key areas. The plan goes into some specific possibilities, but the main themes are described below. If you are doing, or would like to do, anything that fits into any part of the Community Plan, we hope you’ll link with all the other people doing things to support the future of Alston Moor.
Download the Community Plan here
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Key Issues:

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1. Economy

E1 Devolution of services to the local area/employment opportunities
E2 Develop a community income generating project (s)
E3 Support and develop Nenthead Community Shop and Chapel
E4 Develop a brand for the area
E5 Support local businesses
E6 Support local businesses
E7 Support the development of apprenticeships in the area where possible
E8 Support the plans of South Tynedale Railway Preservation Society for expansion over the next 5 years
E9 Secure funding to conserve and improve the townscape of Alston

2. Health Service

H1 Ensure services provided by the Community Hospital continue to be appropriate
H2 Protect the provision of Ambulance Services
H3 Protect the provision of a suitable ambulance response
H4 Protect the provision of out of hours care to ensure a safe and effective service
H5 Seek to improve the availability of dentistry

3. Education and Lifelong learning

ED1 Ensure all three schools remain viable
ED2 Adult education

4. Opportunities for young people

YP1 Work to ensure the long term provision and development of youth facilities

5. Affordable homes

H01 Challenge policies on allowing the conversion of barns to only become holiday lets

6. Local facilities

LF1 Continued support for Local Links
LF2 Improve signage/support community buildings
LF3 Assess possibility of some form of transfer of Nenthead Mines for the benefit of the community
LF4 Consult the community on possible future uses of St Augustine’s Church

7. Communications

C1 Welcome to Alston pack for new residents
C2 Ensure the community secures super fast broadband alongside the Cumbria wide initiative

8. Environment

EN1 Develop a management system for the footpaths in Alston Moor
EN2 A careful and considered approach to the minimal use of interpretation panels

9. Agriculture/Farming

AF1 Investigate opportunities for farmers to benefit from renewable energy schemes

10. Transport

T1 Investigate different ways of providing community transport
T2 Support and encourage the use of existing schemes

11. Fuel

F1 Feasibility study for wood fuel scheme

12. Elderly and disabled people

EP1 The mobility needs of individuals
EP2 Ensure an ongoing growth in awareness among all those concerned at the planning stage
EP3 Work to ensure greater awareness about the needs of those with sensory impairment

13. Community Plan activity

CP1 Employ the services of an individual to assist the community planning group
CP2 Ensure the plan is widely disseminated within the community and other key stakeholders

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