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Alston Moor Partnership aims to ensure that our small community can flourish as a place to live and work. Informed by the Community Plan, we aim to further the well-being of all members of the community. One of the key ways we do this is through successful grant applications for projects which benefit Alston Moor.


Alston Moor Partnership

Anyone living or working on Alston Moor, or in the part of Northumberland which looks to Alston as a centre, is part of our community. Local residents are invited to join our mailing list, and are eligible to elect Directors at the Annual General Meeting. We encourage everyone in our area to get involved, whether by reading our emails or more actively. Get in touch.


What motivates us

Our remoteness and small community size mean that we do not fit easily into the conventional structures through which the work of government and local authorities is delivered. We use our local strengths of determination and innovation to fill the gaps, finding ways to fulfil community aspirations.


How we do it

We identify potential projects, seek out grant funding, engage volunteer help, employ project workers when possible and manage projects. Our last big enterprise, the Townscape Heritage Project, renovated shop fronts on Front Street. We support work towards sustainability, and are investigating ways forward for small projects.

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