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- living and working together in the highest community in England


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How will we make sure things happen? We have managed to secure funding for two paid workers (part-time, for a limited period), to progress aspects of the plan, but there’s a considerable limit to what can be achieved without the work of a range of volunteers.

Can you be one?
13. Community Plan activity

CP1 Employ the services of an individual to assist the community planning group
CP2 Ensure the plan is widely disseminated within the community and other key stakeholders

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We are really interested in what you have to say about our community plan, what ideas you have and whether you would be interested in helping a project along. Please leave a comment here about how we engage everyone who lives on Alston Moor in the Community Plan.

We will delete abusive or nasty comments immediately. So please be polite. It costs nothing except a bit of kindness!!
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