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Learning for All

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In an isolated community as small as ours, keeping our schools going well will always be an issue. Without good schools on Alston Moor, people with young families will not stay or move here; without children and young people, the community ceases to be dynamic. Yet often those who administer the finances of education see only the ‘uneconomic’ nature of small schools, without considering all the enormous knock-on effects if the schools go. We also want to ensure good support for children below school age; and childcare of all sorts continues to be difficult, with no registered childminders. Our relative isolation, again, makes it hard to provide well for children with disabilities. We also don’t forget adults – having had evening classes vanish, we are keen to ensure a new way of engaging and involving all those beyond school age in sharing learning here on Alston Moor.

Anyone with ideas on how we can set up adult learning, as well as anyone who might be interested in thinking about childcare provision – you are badly wanted! Please make yourself known.
3. Education and Lifelong learning

ED1 Ensure all three schools remain viable
ED2 Adult education
We are really interested in what you have to say about our community plan, what ideas you have and whether you would be interested in helping a project along. Please leave a comment here about the Learning and Education in the Community Plan.

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