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Electric Bike Project

Getting around Alston Moor isn't simple - we're a very dispersed community, and buses are very few and far between.  If you don't have access to a car (and, of course, if you're under driving age), or want to reduce your carbon footprint, cycling seems the obvious solution.  But it is impossible to get anywhere without going up a hill, and so unless you start out fit - and bike-fit at that - it's a bit of a trial!  The solution is an electric bike (a technology that is developing rapidly), but they're not cheap items to buy.  So, having them available for hire (at a very low rate for local people, initially free) seemed a good way to help the community find a way to a lower carbon footprint.  Four hire points were established, in Alston, Garrigill and Nenthead, and now, after the end of the project, work is ongoing to ensure the bikes are embedded in a local businesses and will be available into the future

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Thanks to Simon Danby for his videos

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